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Version 9.0 - 01-03-22 Windows 11 Compatibility Maintenance release. Various runtime libraries updated. Some minor tweaks.

Version 8.1 - 04-07-21 Maintenance release. Various runtime libraries updated. Updates to language translations for French, German and Spanish.

Version 8.0 - 10-12-20 Has been released. This is a major update for EMail Detective . Language translations for German, French and Spanish have been updated to reflect better usage in a technical context. Major speed enhancements for grouping and processing of individual email files. Consolidation and updates to reports for examiner. Enhancements in the extraction of images and data analysis of embedded or corrupt files submitted for processing by EMD. Filetypes handled by EMD has been expanded to include all Data Mining types handled in "Forensic Data Mining Investigator" too. EMD users can switch modes between the two products. For additional changes, please refer to user manual.

Version 7.04 Things are changing, stay tuned! Existing users can download an advanced copy now and preview many of the changes occurring with EMD.

Version 7.03 Enhanced sorting of images and data files pulled from emails processed by EMD. EMD excels at pulling data from corrupted email Databases. Unlike many competitors, who's applications ignore emails or crash on corrupted files, EMD strives to pull data even in the most extreme cases when it counts.

Version 7.01 Speed enhancements are always being made to EMD along with updates for compatibility with Microsoft OS releases. EMD excels at pulling data from corrupted email Databases. Unlike many competitors who's applications ignore emails or crash on corrupted files, EMD strives to pull data even in the most extreme cases when it counts.

Version 7.00 Fine control of PhotoDNA hashing "Distance" matching parameter has been added for the Forensic Examiner. Ability to specify Drive/Folder that EMD can use for temporary storage while processing large datasets. Additionally, a few minor tweaks and adjustments based on new mail processing and feedback.

Version 6.09 Multi-threaded mail processing has been streamlined (design internals). Updates to multi-language support and menus. Few minor adjustments to handling of fragments and raw data handling from unknown sources.

Version 6.08 Minor adjustments made in processing "TheBat" client email database by EMD. Several language translations have been updated along with some minor internal adjustments. Added Option to convert America Online "AOL" address book to CSV file for importing into Outlook or another Email client.

Version 6.07 Minor enhancements to the Hash Reports produced by EMD. Corrected mismatch of MS runtime libraries in previous release that caused some installation issues for a subset of users. Several minor speed enhancements have been made in PhotoDNA hashing too.

Version 6.06 This resolves an issue with the "Open File Dialog box" and selecting a single file for processing that a subset of users experienced.  EMD's "Open Folder Dialog" did not have any issues. Several Window 10 compatibility issues were also addressed as Microsoft continues to roll out updates and changes to Windows 10. EMD's crypto wrapper and MSVC 2017 runtime libraries have been updated. EMD will now Data Mine all Mac Outlook / Entourage "MLRC" file types for pertinent text data from these email artifacts. Additionally a few minor fixes and tweaks under the hood. Note: If you experience any issues with vcruntime140.dll please remove it from the EMD installation directory.

Version 6.05 This minor update addresses Window 7 installation issues that have popped up due to several recent Windows 7 updates. EMD's crypto wrapper and MS runtime libraries have been updated. No functional changes to EMD have occurred.

Version 6.04 Addresses installation issues where the Visual C runtimes where not being invoked & installed automatically. Additionally, all DLL and EXE components of EMD are now signed with a Code Certificate.

Version 6.03 updates compatibility settings with Windows 10. Reminder: EMD is a 64bit application. Running under Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8.X and Windows 10. Moved to Microsoft 2015 Visual Runtimes, plus a few minor fixes and tweaks under the hood.

Version 6.02 contains updates to EMD's crypto wrapper. Microsoft Windows updates KB3126587 and KB3126593, which were released on February 9th, 2016, are incompatible with 64bit protected applications. Affected operating systems Windows 7.

Version 6.01 has improvements for installations on Windows 10. Along with speed enhancements when processing various databases. Along with some minor fixes and enhancements.

Version 6.0 is a maintenance release of EMD. Minor bug fixes and enhancements have been made to the processing by EMD. Many underlying EMD subsystems and tools have been updated to current releases and OS support. Users need to install the MSVC library updates. These are found in the EMD installation package and included as part of EMD's install.

Version 5.11 is a maintenance release of EMD. Enhancements have been made to the processing of PhotoDNA hashing by EMD. Additionally, EMD will now categorize various output file types for the examiner in sub-directories, making it easier to identify and view pertinent data. Aggregated grouping of primary investigative file types is automatically accomplished for the investigator by EMD.

Version 5.8 is a minor maintenance release of EMD. Several of the reports have been tweaked for better readability. Some minor speed enhancements have been made MBox Client mail processing.

Version 5.7 of EMail Detective adds VPAT Section 508 Compliance for all aspects of EMD operation. Contact HPT directly for a copy of EMD's VPAT 508 documentation. An issue in the encryption interface that EMD uses may have prevented all report options being presented to the user. This has been corrected and does not require any action by current users with an up-to-date subscription. Non-Subscription users who may encounter this issue, please contact EMD for a new activation key. Several speed and memory handling enhancements have been included in this release too.

Version 5.4 of EMail Detective adds processing of MS Outlook Express DBX files, along with processing of MLAT HotMail. Processing by EMD of the Mutual legal assistance treaty output data produced by Microsoft is a huge step in organizing the information provided to the examiner.

Additional enhancements have been made to speed processing of Windows Live Mail and MAC Entourage file processing. Investigator has ability to specify it output is fully Unicode or UTF-8 based for all mail and reports produced by EMD. Numerous other product enhancements have also been included in this release.


Version 5.0 of EMail Detective is now a fully Unicode software application. Version 5.0 also runs as a native Windows 64bit executable, enabling larger address handling and smoother operation of all facets of the EMD software.

Many additional features have been added to version 5.0 of EMD. New features range from an SQLite DB analysis, raw memory file analysis, processing of additional email clients, to an advanced robust hashing algorithm using PhotoDNA by Microsoft. EMD allows the user to combine existing hashing sets using SHA-1, SHA-256 or MD5 with PhotoDNA technology for unparalleled investigative techniques by the forensic examiner. The PhotoDNA option is only available to LEO users. All other hashing functions are standard for other examiners.

EMD takes a unique approach to the extraction of data mining and user history. HPT's philosophy is to look at commonality in industry data stores and raw data segments for this information.


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