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Frequently Asked Questions on Recovering AOL EMail



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  1. Which MBox eMail clients does EMD work with?

  2. What data does EMD pull from the pagefile.sys or binary fragments?

  3. How are sqlite files handled by EMD?

  4. Which versions of America Online and CompuServe does EMD work with?

  5. Does the America Online db on a user's disk drive contain all of a user's email?

  6. Can I search the entire hard drive for all AOL db's?

  7. Why are the photos stored in a separate directory from the report?

  8. Why are some photos renamed by the EMD application?

  9. Why are there duplicate photos in the directory?

  10. What are the photos with the ART extension and why can't I view them?

  11. I cannot find AOL's db's on a users system.

  12. Will EMD work with Compuserve?.

  13. I know of some one interested in the software. Is there a demo version available?

  14. I am trying to recover deleted mail but the EMD application does not find the mail item.

  15. What's the difference between the Text and HTML reports generated by the EMD software.

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