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EMail Detective - Forensic Software ToolTM  - Available for purchase

EMD is a software tool that allows investigators to extract the email contents from many EMail Client handlers, Mozilla Thunderbird, TheBat, Pegasus, Claws, DreamMail, Becky, theBat, Windows 10 Desktop email, all America Online’s database stores v1.0 - v9.8, and any generic MBox based email clients, and many more, on a user’s computer disk drive.  A comprehensive report is produced for the forensic investigator detailing all messages and photos retrieved. GigaTribe, Yahoo, and FaceBook, and Windows Live chat log processing options come standard in the Pro Edition. Hash Set Processing and PhotoDNA identification is included for LEO. For a full list of supported eMail clients, read more...

Forensic Data Mining InvestigatorTM (new 10/15/20)  - Available for purchase

Forensic recovery of digital data is at its core Data Mining. HPT has taken its world class data recovery techniques and applied them to an easy to use lite data mining product. Forensic Data Mining Investigator is built around EMD's core data recovery and data salvage technology. FDM will extract data from almost any file and find text, graphics, email, url's, and much more. Yielding a comprehensive report for analysis or possible inclusion into trend investigative tools or cluster analysis. Digitial Forensic Recovery software is basically Data Mining on Steroids. HPT has been doing Forenisc Data Recovery for over 25 years. Let us help you with your Data Mining Solutions today! Contact us with your dedicated requirements.

eChat Locker® - (for AOL clients & Yahoo Messenger)

The tool allows the investigator to record and Seal Instant Message and Chat conversations along with other background information. The logs produced are in a format that is consistent with evidence gathering guidelines. Available to Law Enforcement agencies only.

Internet Evidence Explorer

The ultimate tool for the forensic examiner. Allows the investigator to search, recover, decrypt and analyse digital media, including text, and binary files, indicative of internet activity, including email, online conversations, graphics and other electronic communication that may be stored on digital media. Please contact HPT directly for purchasing.


9501 Iridium Pager

Hot Pepper Technology was responsible for the design and development of a completely operational software simulation of the Iridium pager before it went into fabrication.  This software simulation saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing Motorola to focus-group test and experiment with numerous interfaces and designs prior to production.

9501 Iridium / SP-66k - Pager Utility - Available for purchase

This software has a streamlined interface that allows the end-user to program basic aspects of the 9501 Iridium pager or Kyocera SP-66k pager.  A second version, allows a service provider to program extra features. A third version geared towards a developer or business that requires specific content from the pager. All versions allow the user to extract received messages and save them to a disk file.
9501 Iridium Pager Programmer - PPS

Hot Pepper Technology produces the software application that allows service providers to program all aspects of the 9501 Iridium pager or Kyocera SP-66k pager.  This straightforward and easy to use Windows application allows a dealer to customize all aspects of the pager and deliver firmware updates.  

9501 Iridium Pager Message Notification

Numerous off-shoot private applications have been developed specifically for clients, such as DSTL and Sandia National Laboratories, of the 9501 Iridium pager.  

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