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Hot Pepper Technology - FACCI 2004 Conference.

CORAL SPRINGS , FL ( July 28, 2004 ) Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. (HPT) is a presenter at this years FACCI conference held in Daytona Beach Florida. Among the various presenters, Alltel, Giga News, NCFS and Microsoft, HPT showcased a preview release of the next version of its EMail Detective Software.  Version two of the EMD software, produced amazing results for the forensic examiner in minutes.  "The additional features found in the new 3.0 version will make dealing with AOL email a snap", added Lt. Wil Hernandez, a Detective with Florida Atlantic University Police Department.  "It's a great piece of software in the examiners tool chest." To learn more about the features of EMail Detective contact HPT or visit our web site.

Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. has been in business for over 12 years and produces custom software solutions for corporate clients that include Motorola, Jet Form Corporation, and DSTL. In addition, HPT produces several retail products for Law Enforcement agencies.

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