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Hot Pepper Technology - ILook integration of EMail Detective

CORAL SPRINGS , FL ( December 4th, 2006 ) Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. (HPT) announced the licensing of its EMail Detective - Forensic Software engine to the Department of the Treasury for use in the ILook Investigator Forensic software.  The EMD software yields the most efficient and comprehensive analysis of America Online's PFC database stores on a user's hard drive. Integration of the EMD engine gives HPT a strategic cornerstone of the forensic software market with government agencies. Complimented with the industries only NIST approved disk imager IXimager, ILook Investigator is used by all major law enforcement agencies in the US and abroad.

Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. produces custom software solutions for corporate clients that include Motorola, DSTL and Sandia National Laboratories. In addition, HPT produces several retail products for Law Enforcement agencies.

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