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CORAL SPRINGS, FL ( March 1st, 2014 ) Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. (HPT) announced the release of version 5.4 of its EMail Detective - Forensic Software Tool.  EMail Detective (EMD) provides the forensic investigator with the most rapid and comprehensive method of retrieving all MBox and America Online E-mail messages and photos stored on a user's computer disk.

Version 5.4 of EMail Detective adds processing of MS Outlook Express DBX files, along with processing of MLAT HotMail. Processing by EMD of the Mutual legal assistance treaty output data produced by Microsoft is a huge step in organizing the information provided to the examiner.

Additional enhancements have been made to speed processing of Windows Live Mail and MAC Entourage file processing. Investigator has ability to specify it output is fully Unicode or UTF-8 based for all mail and reports produced by EMD. Numerous other product enhancements have also been included in this release.

EMail Detective is a fully Unicode software application running as a native Windows 64bit executable. This enables larger address handling and smoother operation of all facets of the EMD software.

Many additional features have been added to EMD. These features range from an SQLite DB analysis, raw memory file analysis, processing of additional email clients, to an advanced robust hashing algorithm using PhotoDNA by Microsoft. EMD allows the user to combine existing hashing sets using SHA-1, SHA-256 or MD5 with PhotoDNA technology for unparalleled investigative techniques by the forensic examiner. The PhotoDNA option is only available to LEO users. All other hashing functions are standard for other examiners.

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