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Hot Pepper Technology - EMail Detective - Forensic Software Tool

CORAL SPRINGS , FL ( January 3, 2005 ) Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. (HPT) announced the release of version 3.0 of its EMail Detective - Forensic Software Tool.  EMail Detective (EMD) provides investigators with the most rapid and comprehensive method of retrieving all America Online E-mail messages and photos stored on a user's computer disk.

This updated version adds several new features and enhancements to the popular EMD application.  Version 3.0 offers enhanced AOL reporting features for the investigator:  built in key phrase search, automatic hash value tagging, quick scan capability and the ability to run the EMD application from a USB jump drive for field investigations.

Hot Pepper Technology, Inc. produces custom software solutions for corporate clients that include Motorola, Jet Form Corporation, and DSTL. In addition, HPT produces several retail products for Law Enforcement agencies.

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