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EMail Detective Product Information



Software Update Requirements

You must be a registered licensed user with a current EMD version from HPT to qualify for an update.   If your current version of EMD is more then 6 months out of date, then the annual update subscription for the year is taken at the full product price.

EMD update prices in US dollars
(effective January 1, )

Existing License Type Software updates only - for 1 year 2 years 5 years
Single user Please contact Perlustro directly
Single user - Pro Edition Please contact Perlustro directly
Agency wide Please contact Perlustro directly

EMD comes in two flavors - Basic and Professional editions. The basic version will process all AOL and MBox email client databases. The Professinal version adds support for decoding GigaTribe, FaceBook, Yahoo, Windows Live Chat along with SQLite processing, and Raw Data analysis.

Check EMD's about screen if you are not sure which verison of EMD you are currently running.

All license updates may be purchased through PayPal by selecting a category in the above table. Once notification has been received through Paypal then the EMD application and a download link will be sent with the corresponding license type.

If you have specific questions or concerns contact Perlustro by email or phone (662) 871-5008 (USA - CST)


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