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9501 / SP-66k Pager Utilities



There are three flavors of the pager utility. Each is geared towards a specific class of user:

1) General - Basic pager functions - such as the welcome prompt can be set by the user. Messages can be downloaded from the pager and saved to a disk file. The user can specify either a specific single message or request that all messages should be retrieved from the pager.

2) Service - Advanced pager functions may be setup by the service provider. Address and group functions may be modified along with crystal frequencies. Note: Incorrect setting could render pager inoperative.

3) Developer - All previous features, plus ability to exercise basic pager functions for integrated development designs.

Notes: no version of this utility currently supports phone book transfers or updating of the pager's firmware.

A serial Infrared interface adapter is required to communicate with the pager. Serial IR adapter's such as JetEye, ActiSys, and Coolgear are supported by the software. Other brands of Serial IR adapter may work, but have not been tested by HPT. USB IR adapters are not currently supported by the software.

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